With our wide range of state of the art machinery and equipment, as well as our network of trusted partners, we have the ability to efficiently package and process any type of scrap metal material.

We use a highly efficient wire processing system to process various grades of insulated aluminum, ACSR, and insulated copper wires. This piece of equipment shreds, chops and granulates the material into small pieces allowing the separation of the plastic, insulation, and paper used when making various types of wire and cable. Once processed, the finished product becomes various grades of copper or aluminum in its most pure chopped form. This machine allows us to process scrap insulated copper and aluminum wire and cable from some of the largest wire manufacturers and utility companies in the United States and Mexico.


Our heavy-duty industrial baler has the capacity to compress and package nearly any type of non-ferrous metal. The density of the bales is high, making it very efficient to store and transport.


In addition, our trucking fleet, storage equipment services, and logistical networks allow us to satisfy even the most demanding of projects. We also hold the highest standards for environmental compliance and regularly pass audits from a variety of customers.